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in LA next week

I'll be in LA from next Wednesday to the following Tuesday (1/2). After that I'm free to play in NY for a couple of weeks before school stars up again. You've been forewarned. Get in touch if you want to hang out!

ITP Winter Show

ITP is having our Winter Show this Sunday and Monday. I don't have anything in it this semester, but there are tons of cool projects being shown off, if you're interested in the sorts of things that keep me at school until the wee hours every night. Now that my finals are pretty much done (they'll be fully documented online soon!), it's been nice to revel in everyone else's creativity - the Algorithmic Composition show last night was wonderful, and I'm sure the New Interfaces for Musical Expression show tonight will be similarly impressive, if you're interested in experimental music.

I'll probably be around the entire time, since I'm helping several projects setup, but let me know if you're going to swing by so I can find you and show you around. And try to come early - there will be thousands of people traipsing through our little home, and it can get quite crowded!

Here are my photos on Flickr

Links to Blog Coverage

Pre-show Setup

Rosio's sand piece

ITP, before the Show

ITP in the midst of finals, 5 days before the Winter Show. It's not as insane or crowded as it's been lately, but I just had a moment of "damn, I love it here," and I wanted to share.

Also, I just finished (mostly) my pComp final (early, it's amazing!), and I can't for the life of me focus on ICM right now. More details on both as soon as they're documented.




It looks like tomorrow is going to be my first snow in NY. S'mac, anyone?

More elevator photos

More from our early-morning elevator escapades here, here, and here.

The Passion Of The Tikva

This is my friend Tikva being pulled out of the elevator we were trapped in...

Stuck in an elevator at 4:30 am...

You have new Picture Mail!
Originally uploaded by doryexmachina.

...with Eric, Tikva, Britta, and Megan. Damn you Andy!


Here's a video promo for SOSE's current production of Iphegenia, which looks quite excellent. I'm going to miss it, being on the other side of the country, but all you LA folks should check it out.


Botanical Rampage

You may think that I never post to my LJ anymore because New York and grad school have eaten me. But you'd be wrong. Actually, I've been abducted by an eco-friendly metal band, and have been living in a tree in the New York Botanical Gardens. See?

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