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Raw Materials

11 December
I am a born and bred theater boy trying to make my career in a town bewitched by celluloid.

In 2002 I got my BA from UCLA in theater directing (with a minor in LGBT studies), and about a year later I actually started to use it. Now I freelance as just about anything during the day and do theater at night. Or vice versa, when I'm lucky.

I'm a diehard romantic, and always will be.
I love to travel - give me an excuse to do so.
I crave adventure, but often require a partner in crime to set me in motion.
I wish I watched less TV and read more. (Who doesn't?)

My alter ego is Prophecy Boy, a comic book superhero version of me. ProphBoy's only power: he's in a perpetuating circle of success and happiness. He is happy and successful at everything he does simply because he knows he will be. He's self-fulfilling. He's confidence without arrogance. He's the secret to making it all work out in the end.
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