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Come Out and Play

The Come Out and Play Festival is this weekend in New York, and if you don't come out and play, you might be classified as an Enemy of Fun. It's a big game / urban game / pervasive gaming festival. What does that mean? Lots of people playing games in unexpected places around the city. Some of them are high-tech, and some of them are just ways to change the way people interact in public. I'm volunteering, as well as playing a few games:

  • (a persistent game which I'm supposed to keep secret)
  • Journey to the end of the Night (I'm a Chaser - watch out!)
  • Manhattan Story Mashup (the swanky Nokia ITP/Parsons game - I've been lent a $600 phone for the purposes of playing, and will be held under Finnish law for 2 hours tomorrow morning)
  • (panel discussion)
  • Conquer the Quarter

(I was going to post links to the game pages, but the COAP site is currently down because of the huge groundswell of interest.)

Photos and posts on Sunday/Monday.

There's a lot of other cool things going on (including minigolf in the east village!) that I can't go to or missed the signup deadline for. Public response to the festival has been amazing, so if you can't make it this year, keep an eye out for the even-more-ginormous Come Out and Play 2 next year...Maybe I'll even have a game to submit myself...


I'm blogging from the Fifth Avenue Apple store right now, not because I'm so swanky cool (well, not just because I'm so swanky cool), but because my iBook bit the dust this morning, hard, and is likely in for a new logic board. He just couldn't hold out for another couple of months, could he? I'm so ready for a new computer, and for my iBook to be the backup, in case of failure... Ah well, thank goodness for my remaining 6 months of AppleCare.

The point of the story is that, after my lengthy blog silence, only recently broken, I'll be offline for another week. Email via my Treo, so no MySpace please, and I won't be able to reply to LJ comments (tho I can read them). Sigh. Well, at least there's now zero excuse for not exploring the city!

Pics of the Parlor

The Parlor - front of the building
Originally uploaded by Prophecy Boy.

Photos of my new apartment are now in my Flickr stream. check them out!

Alive and Well in Park Slope

Now that I've been in New York for a week and a half, things are returning to normal. Well, normal for this strange transition period, when I'm done moving across the country, but have no discernible purpose for being here yet. It still feels a bit like vacation - very ephemeral, despite the long list of activities and things to explore while I've got the luxury of time. But furniture has been purchased and assembled (much thanks to onthesnap and Elizabeth for that), and I'm rather quickly expanding my social circle. I just need to get better at exploring the city, which will hopefully be easy now that most of my apartment errands are complete.

Speaking of the apartment, it's great! I'm living with austybostybear and terrier13on the second floor of a converted brownstone. The second floor was traditionally where the parlor was located, so that's what we call our apartment. And as a neighborhood, Park Slope is pretty dang wonderful. I need to explore some more here, too.

T-minus two weeks until school starts, and even less before orientation! tokori just landed in town, and, honestly, I can't wait to see her - it will make my purpose for being here seem more concrete, I think. danielray, are you in town? You should be a part of that!

Here's a video tour of The Parlor, with photos coming as soon as my Flickr exporter spots freaking out on me:

Tour of the Parlor

Here's a little video tour of my new apartment. Photos coming soon!


Originally uploaded by Prophecy Boy.

UPS arrives tomorrow morning to move 700 pounds of my stuff to New York. Time for bed!

I've got less than a week to get out of my apartment on my way to New York, and a lot of furniture still left unclaimed! This includes a dining room table and chairs, a couch, a desk, a great entertainment center, plus some bookshelves and chairs and smaller stuff. And everything is really cheap!

You can see it all here
(click the photos for a brief description and what I'm asking for each item - tho, really, at this point I'll probably take whatever you offer)

This is important: if you want something (or even think you might), email me by Wednesday (7/26) afternoon! After that, I'm going to make an appointment for Out of the Closet to pick up the spoils.

Thanks everyone and, obviously, feel free to pass this on to anyone who might need furniture!


PS - Thanks to Brent, Deebs, Gray, and Zarah for buying things!

PPS - Packing has swallowed me whole. I'll actually return to the LJ in the near future, I hope.
Sorry to spam your friends list, and thank you to everyone who's already claimed some furniture, but I've got some rather large things that still need new homes. So, I've lowered the price on everything that's left.

There's still a couch, dining table & chairs, desk, entertainment center, bookshelves, folding chairs, and more! And I'm especially willing to negotiate on those larger items, because leaving them on the street would be dumb.

Everything that's still available is viewable here, so check it out!

Everything can be ready for pickup within a day of you letting me know you're coming, so if you've claimed something, give me a heads up and I'll make it all shiny and clean for you.

Thanks guys! :-D

Kitten Born with Two Faces

This mutant kitten is actually quite cute. I'm rather sad he won't live. Though the child in the video might be a little...slow.

Buy my stuff!

So I have, officially, two weeks to vacate my apartment, preceding the move to New York. As most of you know, I'm shipping most of my stuff, and therefore not taking any furniture. Which means...moving sale!

Before I post anything to Craigslist, I'm offering you folks who might already know and love (?) some of my furniture first crack. You've only got a few days, so comment here or email me to stake a claim or ask a question if you're interested. Private furniture viewings upon request, though if you don't buy it after that, I may force you to model in scandalous poses with the furniture in question.

Here's the deal: check out all the stuff for sale on Flickr - click a photo for a short description, condition, and asking price. These are definitely not firm, so make me an offer I can't refuse. The goal is to get rid of stuff, after all. Everything's at my apartment in Silverlake, of course, and you'll most likely have to come fetch it yourself, though I'll try to wrangle you cargo space in a passing Hummer if that's the only issue.

I've got a whole apartment's worth, including a couch, a desk, a dining room table & chairs, dressers, and more!

C'mon, everybody loves stuff!

PS - it's really surreal to be disposing of all your sizable possessions in one go. In two weeks, my primary possessions will be clothing and media. And only one of those things is really useful.

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